Doughnuts are essential for the soul. No really, they are. Little discs of fluffy, sweet, chewy, lip-smacking goodness. They’re basically happiness in your hands (and mouth and tummy). You’re welcome.

Made with the care of our master baker Mike Miller (and he’s American, so he KNOWS good doughnuts, yeah?), Duke’s Doughnuts is a family business that started off as a cute hobby at the Port Douglas Sunday markets. Then it swelled to epic proportions taking everyone totally by surprise. Okay, maybe just us.

Now we hand make up to 2000 doughnuts each week. Phew! 

Everything we do is manual. The Duke’s Doughnuts dough is a sourdough base, and the whole process takes two days. The dough needs to be mixed, kneaded and rested on one day, and be rolled out on another day with baking after that. Turns out yeast also likes 30C and 80% humidity as much as we like cocktails (hint: a lot), so we’re probably the only people who wish it was the hot, sticky tropical wet season all year ‘round. The glaze is adjusted according to the humidity during the year and flavours are based on events and popularity… and our kooky sense of humour.

We hope you love Duke’s Doughnuts as much as we love that you love them.

Duke's Doughnut Port Douglas Founders and Master Doughnut makers